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Will Rockmitzvah be able to engage and entertain ALL of our guests, even those who don’t play an instrument?


In addition to jamming out with guests who do play instruments, all of your guests will be encouraged to participate in the Rockmitzvah.  For starters, friends and family will be invited up to sing with the band. They can do this as individuals or in groups. We are great at finding groups of  kids (or adults) who will have a blast singing with the band. Rockmitzvah will even supply lyrics to many popular songs.  In order to engage all of your guests, we can also play games like “Name that tune”, “Percussion jam”, or “Air guitar contest”.   Guests are also free to dance and rejoice in the festivities as a whole.  Those who choose to just observe will have a GREAT time as well. Rockmitzvah takes on the vibe of a cool, interactive concert.  

Do I still need a DJ or an MC to run the party?


Rockmitzvah is a great alternative to a DJ.  We MC Party.  However, We can bring a great DJ who  will seamlessly integrate with the Band. You can have the best of Both World's.   

A few weeks before your event, Rockmitzvah will provide you with a “point person” from the band. Your point person will provide you with a check list of all of the possible components that make up most Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. You will let us know if you would like things such as “Simcha dancing” or “speeches and toasts”.  Once we have gone through all of your needs, your point person will work with you on creating the perfect order of events and flow for your party. If in the end you would still like to add a high quality DJ, and or a few motivators, we can provide these as well.

Can our Bar Mitzvah child and a few of his/her friends rehearse with the band to prepare for the event?


Your child will have a rehearsal with the band. We usually do this a week or two before your event.  Each Rockmitzvah requires band members to prepare for a number of weeks before the event.   We encourage your child to come on down to our 'space' and hang with the band,  jam and work out his or her favorite songs. This is an important part of the experience. 

What Rock songs will the band play?

The song selection will vary for each Rockmitzvah. In fact, no two Rockmitzvahs are alike!  We will customize the music to fit your child's interest in music. If he/she loves Green Day, than we will play some Green Day and similar bands. If he/she is interested in Pop, then we can focus on Pop. If your child is more into Classic Rock then we will be busting out the Beatles and Stones. Rockmitzvah has even been called upon to play some Broadway themed events with kids who have a passion for performing in shows. It is all a celebration of the music that inspires YOUR child. 

How long does Rockmitzvah last?

You can hire Rockmitzvah to perform for the entire party, or just as a part of the day’s festivities.  Your child will not be Jamming the entire time as the day will no doubt feature other activities for them to enjoy. The Rockmitzvah band is usually hired to provide entertainment throughout the entire engagement. For example, the band may play some light jazz to greet the guests as they arrive. Then Rockmitzvah will play a few sets where we Jam with the Bar or Bat Mitzvah and invite other guests to sit in as well.  These sets can be mixed with the other activities and games listed above.  We are often asked to wrap things up with a set of Rocking dance music to give everyone a chance to put their dancing shoes on. The order in which these components occur will all be worked out with you in the weeks preceding your party. Each event is unique based upon your vision for the party combined with our vast experience.

What if we want to include some oldies for our beloved older family members?

No problem!  

Although Rockmitzvah is in many ways a fresh alternative to hiring a DJ, we can and are happy to provide any musical service that makes your day complete. We can provide DJ music of any era (Sinatra to Streisand, P Diddy to Sesame Street) to be included as part of the day’s festivities if requested in advance. If you would like, we can even play your ipod through our PA system while the band is taking a break.

How much will the Rockmitzvah cost?  Do you have a fee schedule for added services?   

Each event is truly unique, and Rockmitzvah will work within the parameters of your budget in order to provide an entertaining experience for your family and friends. Fees will vary depending upon venue location, number of musicians/engineers needed to fulfill your specific needs and requests, equipment rentals for more extensive technical requirements (such as lighting, fog machines, video and or audio recording of the event etc...) and the length of services provided.  Each event is truly a customized unique experience. Fees and fee schedules can be arranged when booking your date.

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